Amazing Vaping Tricks You Must Try Once

Amazing Vaping Tricks You Must Try Once

If you are a beginner and just started vaping then you must be interested in doing different kinds of vaping tricks using your vape. There is no doubt in saying that in the last few years, vaping has managed to get massive popularity.

Now, instead of looking forward to smoking, people are thinking of vaping using different MKG vapes. Hence, vaping products are emerging in the market at a high rate and due to their popularity especially youth is getting interested in them.

Today, we are here with a very interesting topic and that is about the most amazing vaping tricks that you must try to bring something new to your vape. So, let’s dip a little into the world of vaping to know some basic tricks:

Easy and Impressing Vaping Tricks

Before moving to our main topic you need to know that you must have particular vape products. There are now different interesting vape products available in the market. The given mentioned tricks will surely prove to be very interesting for beginners and they can try them to amaze others.

Ghost Inhale

Ghost inhale is considered the easiest vaping trick that even a beginner can perform after a little practice. This trick is named ghost inhale as the smoke from the vaping products is shaped just like a ghost when you release it. Moreover, you can also get the product back into your mouth.


Secondly, the tornado trick is surely one of the tricks that will play a great role in impressing the audience in seconds. You don’t have to put much effort but just have to create a flat vapor pool that will shape just like a tornado. You can utilize a pen or a mod for getting a perfect shape tornado.

Liquid Mist

If you are a beginner and don’t know much about vaping but want to do a very impressive trick then liquid mist is the best choice for you. For this, you need a wide-diameter glass with a cold drink in it. Drink the half glass and then get a drag from your vape. You just have to exhale the vapor slowly after touching the rim of the glass using your lips.

The Dragon

This trick involves getting the vape product out of your nose and mouth. As a result, a new shape of the image will create. This trick is effortless, you just have to force the vape out of your nose and corners of your mouth but make sure that your lips are sealed hard.

The Waterfall

You may have seen every third viper impressing the audience by doing a waterfall trick. This trick is not difficult but looks very amazing. It seems like the water is flowing out of the bottle. For this, you have to get a bottle that has frozen water at the bottom. Blow the vapor into the bottle and then pour it out of the bottle slowly.

Smoke Rings

Smoke rings are a very common trick and you just have to keep the vapors in your throat after getting a deep drag. Make sure that tongue remains at the bottom side of the mouth. Using your lips, make an ‘O’ shape and practice a swift pulsing movement. The vapors will be shaped like ‘O’ once then get out of your mouth and hence named smoke rings.


When the vapors come out of the mouth shape like jellyfish then this trick is named jellyfish. You just have to make an O-ring and then use your hand palms to pull the smoke forward, this will create airflow. At the last, in the middle O, you have to exhale the vapors and that’s all.

Closing Words

No doubt, vaping has taken a distinct position in the world and has successfully overtaken the status of smoking. Now, vaping products of different shapes, sizes, and colors are available in the market. The above article concludes the interesting and easy tricks for vaping that prove to be very attractive for beginners.

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