How Do You Pelletize Biomass Creating Your Sawdust Pellets

How Do You Pelletize Biomass Creating Your Sawdust Pellets

Biomass palletization is the process of turning material such as sawdust or waste into a uniform and useful product. Biomass briquettes are useful because they burn cleaner than any other type of fuel, can be used in any type of stove, and are available to purchase at many retailers.

However, for the best results, some people choose to make their pellet fuel, whether it be sawdust pellets or other biomass-type pellets. However, you might wonder “how do I make my pellets?” and what do I need to do so?

Using a sawdust pellet machine to make your sawdust pellets, using Biomass, or in a pellet factory is a fairly straightforward process. Just a few steps using simple technology will get you from biomass to sawdust pellets in no time.

The Process of Making Pellets from Biomass

The process of making pellets from biomass is a very simple one.

The raw material is first dried, then crushed, and then pelletized. Drying can be done at a low temperature or in an oven. The drying process is important as it helps in removing moisture content which could lead to spoilage of the biomass.

The next step is crushing which is carried out using a hammer mill. Hammer mills are used in the food industry to crush grains and seeds into powder form. However, they can be used to grind any material that needs to be broken down into smaller pieces without damaging them.

Hammer mills work by using hammers that strike against the material being crushed at high speed. As this happens, friction between these hammers and the material being crushed causes heat production which increases the temperature inside the machine’s chamber. As a result of this increase in temperature, moisture present inside the raw material gets evaporated and this helps in drying it further.

Before pelletizing takes place, the dried material must be separated from any residue that may have formed during crushing or drying processes like dust particles or small pieces of wood, and so on., This separation process can be done manually or mechanically by passing the mixture through screens with different mesh sizes until only

Advantages of Using Biomass Pellet Machine

The main advantage of using a biomass pellet machine is that you can use any type of agricultural waste as fuel for your generator. The most common types of agricultural waste are rice husk and wheat straw.

Another advantage of using this type of energy source is that, unlike coal or oil prices which fluctuate every day, biofuel prices are much more stable because they are based on supply and demand rather than market forces like crude oil prices which can fluctuate dramatically over short periods due to geopolitical factors like wars and other factors.

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